Certified Professional Coach

I can help you get “unstuck” and move forward.
I can help you be the very best at what you want to be.

Many people are in a transition in their life choices – be it career opportunities, lifestyle choices, parenting, or any number of the myriad of choices and opportunities facing us every day.

I’ll work with you to explore your opportunities, obtain clarity and set your focus on results. Professional Coaching can help you:

  • Work towards a specific professional goal.
  • Transition your career — a new role, new industry or new company.
  • Improve your interpersonal and professional communication.
  • Develop your executive presence, leadership skills and enhance your strategic thinking.
  • Deal effectively with conflict.
  • Manage your relationships for a more beneficial outcome.
  • Implement behavioral changes for specific issues like time management or productivity.

The coaching process gives you the opportunity to set aside time for self-assessment, focusing on values and intentions, identifying goals and zeroing in on action steps for forward movement.  With your coach, you drive the agenda; your coach works with you to recognize your opportunities and develop a do-able action plan with built in accountability. Through our coaching sessions, you

  • Discover what really drives you.
  • Learn how to go from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Move toward setting tangible, realistic goals for change.
  • Create your leadership path where you thrive and are fulfilled.
  • Learn problem solving techniques that produce results.
  • Find the opportunities that fit and meet your needs.

My Background and Experience

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) by the industries leading educator – the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She  has over 390 coaching hours toward the highest level of certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have been in the “people business” all my career. In those 30+ years, I have focused on business and professional development with an emphasis on sales, marketing communications, leadership training and general management. Adding Professional Coaching to the services of Innovative Business Partners was a natural fit for me – especially with my extensive work with entrepreneurs, corporate managers and small business owners. I am especially passionate about helping people realize their full potential wherever they are in life’s choices. My clients come to me when they are in transition – typically, but not always, work and career related.

What is the IBP coaching commitment?

The first step in the coaching engagement is to conduct an exploratory session (45- 55 minutes in length) where I gather information, learn more about where you may feel “stuck” and/or recognize the blocks that may be holding you back. If this session is helpful to you, and you choose to engage in an ongoing coaching relationship, we enter into a structured contractual agreement. In our experience, the most productive plan is comprised of a 3-month commitment to include up to 10 hourly sessions. Midway through the contractual sessions, we evaluate our progress and make adjustments, considering: Do you feel you are moving forward with a definitive plan to achieve success in an identified area? Are we ready to transition into specific advisory services or do you wish to extend the coaching relationship?

My coaching experience with Phyllis Nolan was awesome. She brought a unique perspective to the issues we discussed. She was supportive, never critical, yet guided me using insightful questions, comments and suggestions. With her guidance, I was able to explore new approaches to problem solving. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that I can turn to others for help and input. While this may not seem revolutionary to many people, for me this was a game changer.  Phyllis was generous with her time sharing meaningful and applicable information from her diverse experience and resources. I would recommend her coaching service to others with a desire to be more productive and intentional in their efforts.


Financial Services Professional

The services provided by Phyllis provided me with an avenue to identify and overcome barriers hindering my personal and professional development.  Phyllis’ use of well-designed assessment tools allowed her insight needed to facilitate our discussions.  Within four sessions I was able to clearly identify and remove the “mental” limitations interfering with my overall success.  Our coaching sessions were effective, timely and flexible.


Grants Administrator

When I started working with Phyllis, I lacked direction on my business plans and goals. I reached out to her for an initial consultation and by the end of the call I knew I needed to continue.  Throughout our sessions, she helped me stay focused and align my goals with my core values. I accomplished having a business plan, figuring out what products I wanted to offer to my clients and even created some marketing tools.  Phyllis is an excellent listener and pushed me when I needed that push. She also challenged my thoughts and made me go deeper into what I was struggling with during the call. 

Candice B.


Innovative Business Partners guided and directed us through the murky waters of fundraising for our national PBS show Two Moms and a Car. George and Phyllis consistently provided solutions  that empowered and encouraged us to grow in our abilities as independent producers. They know the ins and outs of sales as well as how to connect with potential leads. They showed us how to interact and engage in successful conversations with corporate executives. Their feedback and knowledge has been indispensable to the funding of our business.

Courtney Godsey

Co-Host Two Moms and a Car